About Rosa

Clutching at the coattails of sad-girl pop, Rosa Lavenne delivers a dreamy folk sound with melancholic and often nostalgic lyricism. The intricate fingerstyle guitar and natural vibrato of Joan Baez combined with the ethereal sadness and soft pop-inclinations of Lana Del Rey is one way to describe the sound of Rosa Lavenne. Heavy on reverbed synths as well as the folk traditions of fingerstyle guitar and melodic harmonies mean that Rosa stands at the crossroads between tradition and modernism. Under the influence of the acoustic masters such as Leonard Cohen, Townes Van Zandt, Simon and Garfunkel and Bob Dylan, Rosa Lavenne adds her unique twist on folk pop melancholia.

Rosa has been played multiple times on national radio (BBC Wales) and been featured on the Spotify editorial playlists New Music Friday UK and Fresh Finds UK and Ireland. She has been compared to folk greats such as Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Sandy Denny. She has had particular praise for her voice which is reminiscent of old Celtic folk music. A lover of all things vintage, Rosa has created an image based on mid-century nostalgia that is present in her homemade videos that incorporate spliced footage from bygone eras. It is important to Rosa that her art is entirely her own which is why she writes, records and produces all the sounds entirely herself.

For Rosa, the creation of music is the creation of her own artistic universe. She frequently sings about the loneliness and hopelessness of youth as well as heartbreak, love loss and a longing to return to the past. Like herself, Rosa’s music is introspective, pensive and, at times, pretty gothic. She hopes listeners will come and explore this world with her.